The partner of Hook Shot Fiber™:

SST 200

  • 980 nm diode laser device.
  • Maximum power: 200 W.
  • Portable: around 30 kg.
  • Double pedal Cut / Coagulation: one pedal to vaporize, and other exclusive pedal to coagulate (in case of need).
  • Perfect synergy between the Hook Shot Fiber™ and the MULTIDIODE™ SURGICAL Urology SST 200.
  • Possibility of realizing MAS (Major Ambulatory Surgery). The patient can be discharged from hospital on the same day.
  • Totally bloodless surgery allowing a clear and clean view during the operation.
  • Vesical sounding <24h.
  • Rapid recovery (in a few days the patient can resume the normal activity).
  • Patients treated with anticoagulants and / or antiplatelets can be operated with this method.
  • Absence of impotence and incontinence after the operation.